Australian cricketers, fielder Cameron Bankroft, Captain Steve Smith were caught out in a Ball Tampering incident during the third test against South Africa, leading to the resignation of coach Darren Lehmann.

This was terribly embarrassing for Australia

Though was the even worst thing all the crying and begging for forgiveness? Playing the tragedy further into a Media feeding hurricane. The tears fell harder than rain in a Darwin summer. Then that was such a spectacle it made the front page of CNN

Surely the only True Blue position to take would be to admit being caught, behave like a man and given the breach of code of conduct at this topmost level, simply resign and move on. the worst most was the waterworks, that was embarrassing

Accordingly parents everywhere are are encouraging their kids to write letters telling Steve how much they love him, My god is this part of the new age political correctness syndrome? do they really want to send a message to kids when you cheat its OK, Obviously you just get even more love

Would Parents better serve their children to point out by this example that's what can happen when you cheat, its not a good risk to take and the good news is we will have a new Captain to follow who no doubt plays a fair game

These blokes got caught out on the world stage. Frankly was this an attempted Payback for the 2016 incident where South Africa Skipper Faf du Plessis was caught out using a sticky sweet to tamper the ball

This is not typical of Australian Sportsmanship.

1, Don't Cheat, Good Australian's don't need to cheat, we are skillful at sports that's in our nature
2, If you do cheat and get caught, Don't cry about it, because the Kids who look up to you and respect you are going to learn the optimal response is to cry

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